We believe that your smile should not cause you pain, either physically or emotionally. That is why we have invested in the most modern equipment to make sure your experience with us is comfortable and rewarding.

Digital Imaging
This computer allows us to create a new smile for our patients without ever touching their mouths. Patients can see exactly what they can expect from the doctor's smile enhancement plan before it is actually performed.

Digital X-ray
With digital radiography, we take x-rays of your teeth with markedly less radiation to you than with a regular dental x-ray machine. Then we can store your x-rays on our computers and access them faster than ever before. Additionally, your images can be sent electronically to insurance companies, dramatically decreasing processing time and resulting in faster payment.

Intraoral Camera
With an intraoral camera, we can magnify your mouth and show you exactly what we're talking about on a screen. This allows you to see for yourself the crack, the stain, the gap, and the receding gum line. You don't just have to take our word for it anymore.

Sterilization: For Your Safety
Our system of safety protocols reduces the chance for cross-contamination. We have steam, heat and chemical sterilization. Instruments are heat-sterilized after each patient's use in a process called autoclaving. All instruments are bagged and sterilized. Many items are disposed of after one use.

Our sterilizers are tested on a regular basis by an outside, independent laboratory.

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